Faith, Family, and Flip Flops

Faith, Family, and Flip Flops

Saturday, September 5, 2009

To Every Season.

The other day I was marveling on how much my oldest daughter Savannah has grown. This thought shocked me " time really does fly when you are having fun". I couldn't help think that in eight, nine, ten years she will seek out on her own, and I won't alway be the center of her attention. At first I felt a sadness wash over just seems to come so fast. But as I have had time to reflect each past season and future season of her life are perious and unique within themseleves.
" A mothers energy is diverted when she attempts to do it all, "all at the same time. Perhaps we can do many things; but we must exercise patience to do them in the appointed season" Shona Parker. I truly belive that mothers can try so hard at being the "perfect mom" that they end up missing some of the most beautiful seasons of our chilrens lives, I am not excluded from this catigory. One of my favorite examples of this is the bibical story of Mary and Martha from the book of Luke. We all know the story, Christ was coming to dine and teach in the sister's home. Martha was fratically trying to prepare for the Saviors visit, and in the process became preoccupied with having it just "so",  I'll stop here... I love Martha, she was a good woman, I believed that she loved the Savior just as much as Mary...she just had gotton her priorities mixed up, I identify with Martha much more than Mary most of the time, yet Mary teaches a very important lesson, Luke 10:42 "One thing is needful: and Mary has chosen that good part" So what did Mary do...I think the most important thing Mary's example tells us is that she knew when it was time to learn and cherish our Savior Jesus what does this have to do with our children..."To everthing there is a season" my greatest prayer is that I stop to learn and cherish my children as much as I can...but I have realized that I can't learn or cherish if am alway wishing I was in a differant season.
We are too hard on ourselves...we need to stop and realize that our chilren were sent to us for a reason...our kids don't really care if our house is decorated, if the dishes sit in the sink for a day, if we drive a super nice car, or that we my be slightly over weight...all they wish for is a happy mother that spends time with them. With that said I am trying to live in the present season of my life and of my childrens, and in my very small way make a choice to Chose the one needful thing, the good part. With all my love Jess

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ready Set Go!!!

Well it is a new school year for the Preston family, and we are so excited! We already have a week on our belt. I have decided to post more on homeschooling mixed with other family happenings because that consumes the greater part of my time, and energy. I love it. 
This will be our third year educating at home. I hope to inform, motivate, and inspire all those that may wonder what it is like to homeschool. With that said all families are wonderfully unique, so remember there are many differant styles and reasons that families decide to homeschool.
with all my love jessica. 

PS when I changed my layout, my other blog addresses were erased, so if you get this would you be so kind to write me so I can see what is happening in your life :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shiloh has been in her ballet class since November...her class announced today that they will be performing with a professional ballet company(Cinderella)she is so excited about it! She will be a "court lady", if you know Shiloh she loves being a ballet dancer, in class she takes it so's so dang cute! I am such a proud mommy of both my girls!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am back

Great to be back...I have neglected my blog far too long! I will be giving my blog the much needed attention it deserves! Great to read all about what you guys are up too!