Faith, Family, and Flip Flops

Faith, Family, and Flip Flops

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Deep fried! I have a new obession...well maybe an addiction. Jay and I went to a cajun resturant the other night it was FABULOUS!!! Houston is only about three hours from New Orleans so were talkin the real deal, the food spoke right to my heart (well maybe just my stomach, but it sure felt like love). The menu had alligator and frog legs among other enticing culanary treats. But I just can't get my mind off of the DEEP FRIED PICKLES yes I said deep fried, and Mmmmm Mmmm they were so good, they are going to love my hips for some time too ( no regrets, I wouldn't even mind getting fat and happy off of the gumbo and rum drench bread pudding) I am missing Utah, but wondering when we move back am I going to miss my deep fried pickles more? no doubt! Love ya'll Jess

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Become like a child.

 Today I was taught a very important lesson by my sweet daughter Shiloh. As many of you know my family and I have been traveling for several months. I have loved has been a great experience in many ways for all of us, but there are time's when so much transition can be a little wearing. With that said last Sunday I was feeling down because I have always had a calling in which to serve, but with all the traveling we are never in one place longer than three weeks so we are always just visitors. So this week I got the girls some Valentines to make...Shiloh was so excited...she filled out all thrity two that I bought her, and then proceeded to give the cards to all the Hotel staff including the front desk,  house keeping, the grounds keeper, and a few of the hotel guest. The next day we made cookies, shiloh ate a few then snuck out the door and took the staff a half dozen cookies. I thought it was cute, but didn't give it much thought. Then today the front desk presented to her a very cute Valentines Day gift and a thank you. It hit me that my seven year old knew how to serve regardless of any appointed calling. I love that my children can teach me, I am going to follow her example and try to spread more kindness around...I am so excited to start blogging miss you all. Jess