Faith, Family, and Flip Flops

Faith, Family, and Flip Flops

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pics on the river

Pioneer weekend

Well I haven't posted for a week...seems like forever! We have had an awesome week! I am trying to decide what I want to post 1st. Savannah and dad decided to hike Timp again, but start it at midnight (that's why Shiloh and I stayed home this year...Shilohs dead to the world at about 10p.m. I just didn't think her little body could handle it). Jason wanted to watch the sunrise, they had some great adventures, including running into a moose and sliding down the glacier way to fast! Shiloh and I walked to the Legacy Center (remember it was pioneer day we couldn't drive) and went swimming. Shiloh decided to face her fear and go down the grown up water slide, I thought she was going to chicken out once we got up there, never happened she went down like a champ! When she was done I asked her how it was, and she responded adrenaline driven " It was wicked" then went down the slide like 20 more times! The next day we all went canoeing including Lisa Gale, I love the river, Jay according to character capsized the boat. Boy that man keeps me young...after retrieving the camera out of the water and convincing Lisa that the boat was indeed safe (then I laughed). We are still waiting for our new camera to arrive in the mail, the old one just couldn't take the hard playing.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Legacy Of Faith

With Pioneer Day approaching, my mind is full of thoughts of my ancestors, a few weeks ago I was able to attend a family reunion on the Fenton side there they had made copies of a record written by my great, great aunt Estelle. I was so impressed when I read these records about my Great, Great, Great Grandmother Ann Cook West and her pilgrimage to the "Land of Promise" I have decided to share just a few entries that struck my heart, and has given me a glimpse of what my family had to go through to grow the Kingdom. A little back ground Ann Cook was born in 1824 in Draycott, Derby England and was Baptised 1848 she married my great, great, great, Grandfather Nov,1854 and sailed for America Jan 1855, this entry is about the ship voyage to America, and crossing the plains.

"The ship Charles Buck left Liverpool with 402 saints aboard it. Passengers were required to bring their own food and bedding. The sea was rough and they encountered many storms. Cholera broke out on the ship and a number had to be buried at sea. Food had to be rationed and many were ill. Grandmother ( this is aunt Estelle speaking) told of one woman whose baby died and she carried it with her wrapped in a shawl, for three days to keep the ships officer from knowing that it was dead...she couldn't stand to have it lowered into the sea. The ship moored at New Orleans 1855 at least eight weeks on the ocean under very trying conditions...They crossed the plains with the forth company of immigrants. There were 402 saints with 45 wagons, they had to walk most of the way. When the company arrived at Mormon Grove, Grandmother ( Ann cook West) was exhausted from privation and to much walking. Her baby was born under an umbrella which was held over her to protect her from rain.... she was left in such bad physical condition that she suffered from it the rest of her life. This pioneer company arrived in S.L.C Sept 1855. Grandfather had 50 cents and grandma had two black silk dresses and a bustle, stuffed with white silk gloves. Grandma pulled her dresses apart and sold the silk for trimmings...a yard at a time She also de-busseled the bussel and sold the gloves."
Later in the record Estelle talks about the conditions of living in a dug out, and how the ground was infested with fleas. How amazing the scarifies this woman went through to live and follow the Gospel! In the record it later speaks about how prosperous they became later ,and how generous and hard working both of them were outside and within the Church. I am so extremely grateful for their Legacy of Faith! They were doing what the Lord commaned them to do, what a beautiful example of faith, thank you, thank you, my dearest Great Great Great Grandma Ann!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Butterfly Friends

I really love blogging! It has opened a world of communiction with old friends and new! A dear friend of mine gave me this poem, and I thought of all the beautiful people that have touch my life, I wish I had more time to see everyone but with busy lives, distance, and children it can be hard, so thank heaven for the internet. I just want to say I love you all, I think this poem is wonderful, it expresses how I feel about my dear friends.
"Friendship is like a butterfly fluttering here and there,
Lighting upon your shoulders, sitting in your hair.
Sometimes we only grasp it for a moment or two.
There are the ones that stay and together friendship is new. I wish to thank the butterfly who flew into my heart.
At first it was a stranger but was kind right from the start.
The warmth and love it radiated made me feel at ease.
And I wish to keep it's friendship and hope it never leaves.
So I thank you dear sweet butterfly, as I watch you soar above,
Spreading joy wherever you land and bringing with you love."
Have a Sweet Day!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th!

Bike race, suntan contest, and cannon ball jumping! What do these have in common, the 4th of July, We had the best time. Jason and Robbie towed both girls on the tagalongs, I road single which was fine by me, specially after watching how painful those hill climbs looked with the added weight! After the ride we went to enter the suntan contest; their was a guy from Africa, I thought there is no way we will win but fortunately the contest was based on how light you were to how dark you became. Robbie won 1st place and Shiloh won 1st place in the child's category, they both won beach blankets and a beach bag. It made Shilohs day even though she was kinda confused about why she won ( suntans just aren't important when you a kid). We decided to break from tradition and have mex instead of steaks and hamburgars, it was great. I could write alot more but I will be honest we played so much that I am exhausted! Happy 4th!