Faith, Family, and Flip Flops

Faith, Family, and Flip Flops

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Barefoot daydreaming

Welcome to my perfect dinner party...including the best of friends and great conversation. Here's the menu yummmm. Boy am I desperate to throw a dinner party!

1. Main-Grilled Pizza with Fontina and Arugula

2.  Side-Butter Beans with Mint
Grilled Radicchio, Summer Squashes, and Scallions

3.Dessert-Gelato Affogato


Charlene Roberts said...

Count me in! It was so much fun to talk to you the yesterday. Wish I could have celebrated your birthday with you.

Love you sis-

Leake's said...

You know how to throw a great party. I feel like I was just at one. Miss you guys and I can see that the adventures of the Prestons are going great. You will have so many great things to share at your next party. Love you guys!

Jason said...

I hope I get invited to your next party!